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Trelfa Labs uses Trustwell (formerly ESHA) Genesis R&D® Food Formulation & Labeling Software, the industry standard for all food and beverage nutrition data management. ESHA’s extensive ingredient database (including both supplier and non-supplier specific raw materials, chemicals, additives, and industry ingredients) allows for services including the development of:

  • Government Compliant Nutrition Facts Panels (including FDA and USDA)
  • Ingredient Statements
  • Allergen Statements
  • Nutrient Content Claims
  • Recipe Management
  • Formulations
  • Analysis Reports including Amino Acids, Diabetic Exchanges, and USDA My Plate Food Groups
  • Recipe Yield and Cost Calculations
  • Audit Tracking to Monitor Recipe Changes

To get started with your project, please complete our New Customer Form. Once you’ve been set up as a customer, please submit the following to Jon Trelfa at directly:

  • Recipe: Provide an entire list of recipe ingredients. Methods do not need to be included.
  • Recipe Amounts: These can be in weights, volumes, or percentages, but not a combination unless the combination consists of solids and liquids. We prefer to work with consistent measures for all ingredients in each recipe. For example: all ingredients in ounces or grams, not a combination.
  • Gram Weights/Serving Size: If the gram weight for the serving size of a particular ingredient is not available on the nutrition label, please weigh it and provide us with that information. Unless we have the actual ingredient in house, we cannot accurately measure the gram weight per serving size. If we do not have that information, the best service we can provide is searching for a gram weight serving size of a similar product. 
  • Amount in the Final Container: net weight/volume
  • Nutrition Panels: Copies of nutrition panels for every raw material ingredient in the recipe that has one. Some can be found online by looking up the manufacturer. However, the easiest thing to do is to take an up-to-date photo of the nutritional label on the packaging. Save as GIF, JPG, or PDF. Please be as specific as possible when providing ingredient information so that we may provide the best possible accuracy of your data’s representation.
  • Ingredients: If you use ingredients in your product that have sub-ingredients (like ketchup or mayonnaise) please provide the ingredient statement for these items as well.

If you need assistance determining your nutrition label format or serving size value, please follow FDA guidelines only, which are available at the following web sites:

Turn-around time varies per project. Failure to provide the lab with information listed above results in the further research on our part, which can cause delays.

Your information will be stored in our database in the event you need future updates to your project, such as a change in formulation or serving size.

Trelfa Labs, Inc. cannot be held responsible for errors in your nutritional information.

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