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(888) 80-QALAB or (888) 807-2522

Trelfa Labs is a full service company that brings a proactive consulting approach to all your food, dairy, and beverage safety and quality assurance programs.  We provide process flow planning, comprehensive food safety programs, audit preparation, training, and crisis management support.

Jon Trelfa has 20+ years of hands-on quality assurance experience in food and beverage manufacturing.  He has built a strong rapport with local, state, and federal USDA and FDA officials.  His direct efforts have already resulted in an estimated 1/2 million+ dollars in saved revenue over the course of his young career.  Specifically Jon has expertise in:

    • corrective and preventive measures resulting in saving product from re-work and/or recalls
    • product wholesomeness validation resulting in validation of  food safety programs, protecting product in processing, and releasing held products
    • improved quality and laboratory methods resulting in reduced material costs and fewer non-conformances
    • product shelf life improvements resulting in reduced overhead costs and overtime
    • improved personnel training (English & Spanish) resulting in empowered ownership and accountability with increased accuracy and efficiency
    • 3rd party GFSI consulting resulting in certification and new revenue streams

Trelfa Labs works with the following types of Food, Dairy, and Beverage companies:

    • Processors / Manufacturers
    • Raw Materials Suppliers
    • Distributors
    • Packaging Companies
    • Food Service Operators
    • Contract Sanitation Companies
    • Retailers


Scheduling Terms

  • Jon will visit your facility in half-day (4-hour) blocks of time.
  • Scheduling is done on a first-come, first-serve basis.
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