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Are your food and dairy sanitation methods, products, and programs delivering exceptional results for your customers?  Whether you’re a contract sanitation company looking to expand your services, outsource your employee training, or simply offer a third party resource to your customers, Trelfa Labs will assist you in getting your business where you want it to be by providing the following food safety consulting services:

Management & Employee Training

Trelfa Labs will train your staff how to develop and implement the following for your customers:

    • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
    • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOPs)
    • Auditing programs
    • Pre-op programs

Cleaning Method Validation

Your customers have a tough job in maintaining food safety programs that produce compliant, quality products.  They want hard proof of what really works.  We can assist you in providing results on your sanitation methods to improve your customer relations by:

    • validating cleaning methods via laboratory testing
    • performing studies on efficiency of cleaning agents

We can also simply be a third party resource for FDA & USDA compliance for you, if you do not offer these services.

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