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(888) 80-QALAB or (888) 807-2522

Trelfa Labs uses a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) to track all aspects of your testing. Upon completion and approval, Laboratory Director, Jon Trelfa, will instruct LIMS to email you an alert that lets you know your results are available for review/download from our Client Portal.

Logging In

  1. Point browser to:
  2. Enter email address.
  3. Enter password.
  4. Click Login to Customer Portal.

Accessing Test Results

  1. You will see both your account and name in the upper-right portion of the screen. The account is to the left. Your name is to the right.
  2. If you have access to more than one account, and the screen has defaulted to an account other than the one you want to access, click the small arrow next to the account shown.
  3. Click the account you wish to access from the drop-down list.
  4. Click the order number.
  5. A page opens with Orders on top, Samples on bottom.
  6. Under the Orders section, click the small blue Order Report icon.
  7. From there you can view and download the PDF.

Please “White List” Trelfa Labs in Your Email Client

In order to make sure that our LIMS email correspondence does not get caught in your email junk or spam filters, please add to your “White List” or “Safe Senders List”.  For help with this, please contact Rebecca Hardy at


If you need assistance with the Client Portal, please review the detailed instructions on our Submit a Sample page. If you do not receive an email alert for your test results when expected, please contact Jon Trelfa directly at  Upon Jon’s final approval, test results are immediately generated.

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