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(Last Updated: 01.23.20)


Laboratory Analysis: Net 30 (except by written agreement).

Consulting, Training, and Nutrition Panel Analysis: Due upon receipt.


Invoices are emailed to clients. A shipping and handling charge is added to each paper invoice for customers insisting on delivery via US mail.


Lengthy sample descriptions on test results are cut to 30 characters on invoices. To match invoices to test results, locate the Order Number and Sample IDs on each.

Sample IDs on Invoices include: company initials, date of testing, and test number. Example: Sample ID: TLI-091619-947 was tested at Trelfa Labs, Inc. on September 16, 2019. The last digits are the unique identifying number for that particular analysis, which can be matched to test results.

We make every effort to further identify samples as needed. In the case of dairy testing, we include the month tested in the sample description. Example: Vanilla Soft Serve – Jan


Please inquire prior to paying off your Customer Account Balance to ensure the total has not changed from the date of the last invoice you received.

Negative balances indicate a credit on your account.

You have the option of clicking the payment button on your email invoice to pay by credit card or bank transfer. We also accept credit cards by phone or in person, cash, and checks. Please consider using ACH for payment via checking, as it keeps our costs down.

To authorize Trelfa Labs, Inc. to run your credit card for payments, click the following link to complete our Authorization Form.

You can also download it from the Client Portal by logging in. Please email the completed form to directly.


Net 30: Receipts are not provided for most Net 30 payment transactions.

Pre-payments and Pre-Authorized Payments: You will be emailed a copy of your paid invoice as your receipt.

Detailed payment transaction receipts emailed upon request.


Email billing inquiries to Rebecca Hardy directly.


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