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Invoice Policy – Last Updated: 12.04.17

Invoices are emailed to clients.

Test Sample Invoices:
Lengthy sample descriptions seen on test result reports are sometimes cut short on invoices. To match your invoice to your test results, locate the Batch Numbers and/or Sample IDs on each sheet. The first 6 characters of Sample IDs contain the date of testing. We will make every effort to further identify samples by day or month, and whether or not they have been pre-paid, in the description field, where applicable.

Shelf Life Studies Invoices:
Shelf Life Studies are billed on an ongoing basis, which means you may see several bills for the same Sample ID. In this case, you can further match testing by the Day in the description field on both test result reports and invoices.

You will receive receipts for pre-paid services or services in which you have authorized us to charge your credit card for, for your records.

You may click the button on your email invoice to pay by credit card or bank transfer at your convenience. We also accept credit cards by phone or in person, cash, and checks.

For billing inquiries contact Rebecca Hardy:

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