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(888) 80-QALAB or (888) 807-2522

Contact us for your food safety consulting, food safety training, and food safety testing needs.

  • Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern
  • Days of Operation: Monday – Friday (and weekends for RUSH projects)
  • Address:6 Merrill Street, Unit 4, Salisbury, MA 01952
  • Toll Free Phone / Fax: 888-80-QALAB or (888) 807-2522
  • Local Phone: (978) 255-4355


For help with the Client Portal or to schedule sample pick-ups and/or consulting/training time with Jon Trelfa, contact Rebecca Hardy at (978) 417-2525 |

To discuss current consulting and training projects or laboratory test results, please contact Jon Trelfa at (978) 255-4355 |


If you are submitting nutrition panel data, please refer to the steps outlined on our web site at: For assistance, please contact Jon Trelfa at (978) 255-4355 |


If you choose to submit the Credit Card Authorization form found on our web site, click the following link: TLI-Payment-Authorization-Form.pdf or download it from the Client Portal Help Center. Please email the completed form to Rebecca Hardy directly.

Also, please note that we email invoices from, but that mailbox is for outgoing email only and not monitored for replies. For assistance, please contact Rebecca Hardy at (978) 417-2525 |


Please “white list” all of our email addresses to avoid messages ending up in spam.

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